About us

Phil Newis - Hospitality and Catering Consultant

With over 22 years of experience managing some of the high streets top branded Cafe’s, Restaurants and Bars, Phil Newis has proven his skills in adding benefit to organisations and businesses ensuring that they run efficiently, successfully and profitably. Recent years has seen Phil work with several independent eateries. His passion for great food & service, his knowledge and insight gathered from years in the trade can help take your business to a new level of achievement and success. Phil works closely with two local development chefs.

Consulting since 1996


In these difficult economic times it is easy to think that your bar, café or restaurant  doesn’t need expert advice. Are you taking your market share and maximising your profits? It is often difficult to visualise how a guest experiences the  services you offer and this is why having an ‘Industry Insider’ look at your business is very beneficial. We offer an impartial professional approach, your business is important to us and we want our consultancy service to bring benefit to you, your staff, your guests and your business. We believe that good habits run good bars, cafes and restaurants and there are occasions where you’re just too close to recognise that some of the habits you’ve developed are no longer working for you.

We will:

– Begin with a consultation to help us get a thorough understanding of your vision, aims and objectives for your Bar, Cafe or Restaurant.

– Work with you to establish areas where your business is not quite reaching its potential.

– Conduct a ‘mystery guest’ visit and report on the great things and identify areas for improvement – often it’s the ‘little’ things that can make the most difference to your Bar, Cafe or Restaurants experience.

– A detailed Action Plan to Success is produced for your business and presented to the business owner, directors or shareholders.