Phil Newis - Hospitality and Catering Consultant

In these difficult economic times it is easy to think that your bar, café or restaurant doesn’t need expert advice. Are you taking your market share and maximising your profits? It is often difficult to visualise how a guest experiences the services you offer and this is why having an ‘Industry Insider’ look at your business is very beneficial. We offer an impartial professional approach, your business is important to us and we want our consultancy service to bring benefit to you, your staff, your guests and your business. We believe that good habits run good bars, cafes and restaurants and there are occasions where you’re just too close to recognise that some of the habits you’ve developed are no longer working for you.


Opening a new business whether it is a Café, Public house or Restaurant it can be very exciting and ever so rewarding. You have big dreams, dreams of being the local place to be, having huge success which in turn brings huge profits, rave reviews, awards after awards and possibly the start of a something bigger, your very own chain. Though the dreams are endless, reality can be a totally different story. Nearly half of all new businesses fail within the first few years.

There are many important things to consider, such as, do you have the right premises and location? What about local competition, what do you intend to offer that your competitors don’t? There is no point in taking on a successful competitor unless you really can compete. What cuisine do you intend to offer, is there demand in the area?

There are so many mistakes that can be made; some can be catastrophic leaving your business doomed from the start. Hospitality consultants don’t just look at failing business and help their owners turn it around, We help with new openings, giving as little or as much guidance as the business requires ensuring they avoid early mistakes.

We offer help and advice on everything from Location suitability to brand design and awareness and from menu & food design to staff training.

If you are thinking of opening a new Café, Bar or restaurant why not give us a call, with initial appraisals from just £250, it could prove to be money well spent. After all you’re investing a whole lot more in your business.


As an existing business, there could be many reasons as to why your business may be struggling, underperforming or simply just not taking its market share, all of which can cause extreme financial and emotional pressure on you, the owner and where stress makes it almost impossible to see a solution.

We will examine and go through in great detail every aspect of your business. We will look at your business model and your current financial situation. We will take an in-depth review of your current menu, including costings, suppliers and General profit (GP), your current staffing levels and management team. We will also conduct a mystery visit in order to get an accurate view from a customer’s prospective. On completion we will give you a clear, honest and concise assessment of our findings and recommendations including discussing with you ways in which to increase your profitability and market share. After these discussions you may either implement the changes yourself or retain our services so that we may implement change on your behalf, leaving you free to run your business.

Common areas requiring attention include: Brand standards – Food quality & Service standards – Staff training and product knowledge – standards of food hygiene and cleanliness – Staffing levels and management.


Strategic planning is an organised management activity that is used to set priorities for your business, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations and ensure that all employees, owners, management and stakeholders are working towards common goals. Together with you and your team, we would establish and agree directional routes and intended outcomes/results, and  assess and adjust the businesses direction in response to the ever changing environment. Effective strategic planning articulates not only where your business is going and the actions needed to make progress, but also it will know if it is successful.


(Noun) “The extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services”.

Love or hate the big restaurant chains and food outlets you have to admire their ability to market and promote their brands.

While these larger companies usually have massive budgets in which to invest in marketing and advertising, you do not have to spend big to successfully promote your business. However, creating your own unique brand will make your business unique and attractive.

We will help you get your brand out there by:

  • Using data collected from competitors to create and develop your own unique brand, menu and selling strategy.
  • Create promotional offerings to launch your new brand.
  • Promote your business brand through targeted marketing, leaflets, discounts and competitions.


All Food business operators have a legal requirement to sell safe food and an implicit obligation to a duty of care towards their customers. Due diligence in terms of food safety means your business takes “all reasonable precautions ” which in practice means carrying out safety measures and management procedures that have been set out in certain framework documents such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and the Quality Management Process (QMP)

We can work with you and your business to ensure all food safety regulations are met, general hygiene standards are in place and introduce working systems such as the seven steps of HACCP (Conduct a hazard analysis, Identify critical control points, Establish critical limits, Establish monitoring procedures, Establish corrective actions, Establish verification procedures, Establish record keeping procedures) By implementing effective temperature recording and cleaning rota’s we can ensure your business earns and keeps its 5 star rating.


Whatever your restaurant, bar, hotel or leisure sector business goals Restaurant Leisure finance (RLF) are ready to help you find the right financial option. We offer all our clients in the restaurant, bar, hotel and leisure sector a true ‘one stop shop’ facility, our core competence is to provide you a fully managed and professional service to secure the most competitive funding offer available from the entire market. In addition we can, if required, organise any fit out quotes, equipment finance and leasing and financial support necessary to complete the transaction.


Crowd Purchasing is a collective of more than 500 businesses in the UK hospitality trade working together to leverage significantly lower costs from suppliers.


You may have heard of a food stylist before, or you may not. So here we’ll introduce what one of these mythical creatures is, their merits and help you to work out if you need one.