Restaurant Consultant UK

Phil Newis

Restaurant Consultant UK since 1996

When you’re in the restaurant and bar industry, it can be easy to think ‘Do I need a restaurant consultant?’. It can be difficult to try and visualise how a guest will experience a visit to your restaurant or bar and this is why it’s essential to have an ‘Industry Insider’ like Phil to look at your restaurant. We offer an impartial and professional approach to your restaurant. Your business is important to us and we want our restaurant consultant uk service to bring a massive benefit to every aspect of your business. We believe that forming good habits are key to running successful restaurants and bars and it’s often the case that you’re simply too close to your restaurant to recognise that some of the habits you’ve fallen into are no longer working for your business.

We will:

– Begin with an initial consultation to help us get an understanding of your vision and aims for your restaurant and bar

– Work with you to find the areas where your restaurant and bar is not maximising it’s potential.

– Arrange a ‘mystery guest’ visit and report on the good things and identify the areas to improve – it’s usually the small things that can make the most difference to your restaurant experience.

– A comprehensive Plan to Success is produced for your restaurant and bar and then it’s presented to the business owner, directors and the shareholders.